May 17, 2012
by admin


Order and Download all four versions of Footings for Children at the DNA website

We are thrilled to announce the release of a very important new resource from the Disciple Nations AllianceFootings for Children: Imparting a Biblical Worldview so They Can Thrive.  

For nations to be discipled, Christ’s followers must allow the biblical Parents and Childworldview to enlighten every area of their lives, and they must carry it outward into every sphere of society.

Essential to this task is the discipleship of our children. Building healthy, free and prosperous nations is a multi-generational endeavor, and it begins with the training of children in knowledge of the truth. This training is a primary responsibility of Christian parents, equipped and supported by local churches.

Footings for Children is a powerful, tested curriculum designed to help parents, churches and Christian educators with this essential task. It is perfect for:

After-school or para-school programs
Sunday schools
Christian camps
Family devotions
Home schools

If you have a heart to disciple your nation, we encourage you to begin with the children in your life, and we commend to you this powerful resource.